King of the Beach has two premium options if you decide to stay overnight.

La Sonnerie









La Sonnerie, located at only 15 minutes by car from our event site is a former monastery turned premium hotel.
It’s history makes it one of a kind, with a building date going back to 1874.
Supermarkets, restaurants, stores are all within a 5 minute walk.


To make use of this offer at La Sonnerie for KOTB 2017, send a mail to with ‘EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT KOTB’ as subject before June 18th.
The 2 person rooms this hotel has available are limited and will be fully booked quickly, we recommend not waiting too long with your booking.

Until June 18th, La Sonnerie has 2 person rooms available for €70,- a night, which makes it €35,- a person.
After June 18th, prices will go up to €80,- for a two person room, which makes it €40,- a person.
DON’T TRY AND BOOK ON THEIR WEBSITE, SEND A MAIL TO with ‘EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT KOTB’ as subject before June 18th, or ‘KING OF TH BEACH 2017’ after June 18th.

The Student Hotel







In the city center of Eindhoven near all public transport and the city center, The Student Hotel has Eindhoven’s most premium location.
With possibilities for both short and long term stays, private parking space, brand new facilities this is the place to go if you plan on enjoying Eindhoven’s nightlife.

Go to, select Eindhoven and your choice of room, and use the code: EVENT to get a -15% discount on the daily rate.

For questions about the discount please send a mail to


We strongly suggest to find someone to drive with as the public transport in Holland isn’t always reliable.

– If you do insist on using public transport, use Google Maps to find your route and select public transport
– Be sure to check the station where you need to get out, if you’re not sure, ask the bus driver beforehand if they can make an announcement once your bus stop is up next it, they’ll have no problem helping
– If you want to be double sure, check and use the destination used in Google maps
– In the bus, you can pay for tickets by cash