Grappling rules

MMA/grappling pants or gi pants. Shirts and rashguards are allowed.

Mouth guard, ear guard and/or knee protection are allowed. No cups/groin guards.

Allowed techniques
All chokes, cranks, armlocks and leglocks are allowed. All throws are allowed, except slamming.

Novice: No leglocks, no cranks/spine attacks, no scissor takedown allowed.
Beginner: No heelhooks and scissor takedown allowed.
Advanced: No heelhooks allowed.

Illegal techniques
No unsportsmanlike conduct is allowed (warning or DQ, depending of severity). No headbutting, striking or kicking (DQ). No eye gauging, fish-hooking, scratching, biting or hair pulling (DQ). No small joint manipulation (less then three fingers)(DQ). No fingers in the eye area. Cross facing and pushing away is allowed. All throws except slams are allowed, but do not throw your opponent on his head on purpose (DQ).
WARNING: use sun lotion with care, wipe away with towel before fighting.

Novice and beginners – 4 minutes
Advanced – 5 minutes
Elite – 6 minutes

By submission by points, by DQ of opponent, by referee decision. In case of draw, most offensive fighting player wins.

Take Down – 1p *1
Sidemount – 1p (hold for 3 seconds) *2
Mount – 1p (hold for 3 seconds) *2
Backmount with hooks – 1p (hold for 3 seconds) *2
Sweeps/reversals – 1p (control top for 3 seconds)
Catch – 2p (a catch is a submission attempt that has to be defended) *3

*1 Guard pulling and ending up on your back with the opponent in top position, whether in guard or not, is considered a take-down for the opponent (1 point). Guard/halfguard pulling into sitting down position is no points for both players.
*2 A positional point is only awarded progressively, from side to mount for example. So in case of a transition from mount to side, no points. When the bottom opponent reclaims (half) guard, all points can be scored again.
*3 Example, an armbar attempt is made. The arm is caught and the opponent has to stack or explode out. This is already a catch. Offensive players will be able to accumulate points. So go out and (try) to submit!

BJJ rules

For the BJJ tournament, we follow the IBJJF general competion rules and guidelines.

IBJJF rules